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Porn pics of Kathrina’s 8 guy GB #1

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ATK Natural & Hairy: Victoria’s free galleries. (Victoria vic058)

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Mounted mm

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SillySexyStupid writes;

I’m so glad finals are over; Im excited about not having to think for the next three months. It’ll give me a better chance to focus on more important things, like being a better fucktoy. Learning to make myself more available to men. Being more pleasing, more compliant. Things like that.

It refuses to get piercings or ink, because it wants its owner to use it as a blank slate, to be shaped to his desires. His to beat, to colour, to pierce. His to share. His to change, to install the tits he wants, to brainwash it how he pleases. It lives to be a perfect, blank bimbo rape-doll for its owner. 

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"Kate loves to be spread all over the net, and asks fans to re-post her pics to your own galleries and blogs. Her family, friends, former employers and classmates have seen these photos. She has been recognized and photographed in public by fans. There’s no going back, so we will just have to make more FREE PORN for you to share!"


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"Less than one block from one of the largest police stations in Guatemala City is a place called “La Linea”, or “the tracks.” It’s an abandoned railroad stop in zone 1, with long narrow buildings and hundreds of doors. Each door leads into a small room, and each room has a girl with a bed. Men walk down the railroad tracks and peer into the rooms. The girls come in every shape and size, old, young, pregnant, indigenous, transvestites, and sadly, even underage. Police officers walk by all day and do nothing."

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